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Visit in kennel Sheltiko in Slovenia

13.07.2008 r.

Sheltiko breeding in in Slovenia, which lies between Austria and Croatia and its population counts 2 millions. It is the only breeding in that country. I went there with Bożenka Surdykowska for a puppy - Shetland Sheepdog - english typed bitch. It is Sheltiko Dena, and there are no dogs of Polish Sheltie population in her pedigree.

Sheltiko breeding is kept by a very nice mariage - Sandra and Richard Lebar. They are both very commited to development of Sheltie in Slovenia. Sandra and Rikki welcomed us warmly. They turned out to be great people with opened hearts and slovian soul. They have beautiful Shelties imported from many countries. They travel with their bitches to foreign matching to the best of breedings. Every matching is deeply thought through.

We had exchanged information about our beloved race and dog population in Europe. We talked in English, German, and it turned out that we were also able to communicate in our national languages. So many words are very similar. We could talk forever, but unfortunately it was time to go back to Poland.

Sandra and Rikki,
thank you a lot for Dena
and best wishes for your hard breeding work!

Sandra, Donata
and Paula - Sandra's mother

Sandra, Bożena
and Paula - Sandra's mother

Donata and Black Yvette
of Silver-Shadow "Yvi" - Dena's mother

and siblings - Denver i Dena

Riki with Denver, Donata with Dena
 and Sandra

Riki, Donata with Dena
and Sandra with Denver



Bożena and Sheltiko Admiral "Adi"

Head Sheltiko Admiral "Adi"

Sandra with Marvitholl Tobias "Tobi",
Bożena and Riki with Marvitholl Orion "Ori"

Bożena with Sheltiko Aloa
and Riki with Marvitholl Orion "Ori"

Bożena and Sheltiko Carmella

At Slovian-Austrian border


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